Siemens 3RT20151AN62 Screw Terminal

Siemens 3RT20151AN62 CONTACTOR, 3KW/400V, 1NC, AC 200V 50HZ, 200.220V 60HZ 3-Pole, SZ S00 Screw Terminal - -. IEC Magnetic contactor- non-reversing 。 IEC Magnetic contactor, 208Vac coil volts, 7 full load amps-inductive, 1NC auxiliary contact form 。 7 full load amps-inductive 。 1NC auxiliary contact 。 Contactor, AC-3, 3KW/400V, 1NC, AC 200V 50HZ, 200...220V 60HZ 3-POLE, SZ S00 Screw Terminal 。 Whether as single devices, as modules form load feeders or form installation in low-voltage distribution boards/switchboards – offers suitable contactors form every application as well as fully assembled contactor assemblies. What makes our Sirius devices unique: their high contact reliability, extremely long service life and the possibility of using them even in the most extreme ambient conditions. 。 。 。

Siemens 3RT20151AN62 Screw Terminal


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Siemens 3RT20151AN62 Screw Terminal

1NC, AC 200V 50HZ, 200,220V 60HZ 3-Pole, SZ S00 Screw Terminal - -,Siemens 3RT20151AN62 CONTACTOR, 3KW/400V, Get cheap goods online 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Free Shipping and Returns Best Quality you want can be easily bought here!